Which yoga mat should I choose?

Which yoga mat should I choose?

- Which yoga mat should I choose

At JURU we understand that when you are on your mat, you create a sacred space for yourself and trust that your mat understands your practice. You return to your mat with the same trust and it is this bond you hope to cherish for many years to come. Thus, at JURU, we take utmost care to ensure all our mats come with excellent durability and grip and remain absolutely natural.
We all have our preferences when it comes to style of yoga and no matter which style you prefer, we have a mat that best suits your preferences. Below are answers to your questions. You can also hear Puja talk about her favorite JURU mats in the video.

-Should I opt for cotton or cork yoga mat?

If you rate the grip on JURU cork mats as 10/10, grip on JURU cotton mats is 7/10. It is good enough and really depends on what you are looking for… a softer surface or a firm grippy surface.

  • If you are looking for comfortable surface to practice gentle flow then choose JURU Cotton mats.
    They are 5mm thick and very comfortable for Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and even travel as they are foldable. They come with alignment markings as well that can help you align better. They come with an anti-slip bottom surface that grips to the floor. These are not reversible but washable.
  • If your preference is Grip then choose any of the JURU cork mats.
    Your budget and your practice will help you decide.

-what is the difference between JURU Cork yoga mats?

Weight, Color and Thickness! Here are some tips which will help you choose your JURU Cork mat.

JURU Pro is ideal for those looking at both, GRIP and COMFORT of cushioning. It is 7mm thick and weighs only 2kgs. The top surface is the same as all JURU cork and natural rubber mats but Pro also has the added advantage of a cushioned surface… it is all in one! This mat is not

Dhyana, Harita, Shakti, Chakra are all 3mm thick and weigh between 2 to 2.2 kgs. The main difference between them is the color. Choose as per personal preference. These mats are reversible.
Tip: If you put the mat to rough use or sweat a lot, darker shades are easier to maintain. If need be, use props like knee pillow, blanket or folded towels to cushion joints in certain stretches.

Traveler is 1mm thin and weighs 1 kgs. It is your best choice if you need a mat-overlay or lightweight mat to travel. It is thin so you can use it on a softer surface like beach, grass, carpet or over an old mat to enhance your grip on a natural surface!

Mandala is 3 mm thick and weighs 2.5 kgs, so if you don’t have to move your mat much (at home or studio) you can opt for Mandala. Use props like knee pillow, blanket or folded towels to cushion joints in certain stretches.

Recycled mat is our economy edition, it is 3 mm thick and weighs 2.8 kgs. If you are okay with the weight and the fact that it is made of recycled rubber and cork, you can opt for this mat as the grip is as good as the above-mentioned mats.

-Are JURU Yoga mats reversible?

All mats are reversible except for JURU Pro and JURU Cotton mat.
Since most of our cork mats are reversible, it adds to the durability because you can practice on both sides.
These mats are perfect mats for beach practice! The surface is ideal for sand or even sea-water as these are washable.

-Are JURU Yoga mats foldable?

The JURU Cotton mat is foldable. You can comfortably fold it and store it in a bag when traveling or roll it!
The Travel mat can be gently folded but we do not recommend putting pressure on the folds as being a cork mat, it may tear. Never fold the other JURU cork mats.

-What happens when I sweat? Can I use the mat for hot yoga or outdoors?

Yes, you can use JURU Cork mat in Hot Yoga classes, especially the darker shades as its easier to maintain for sweaty practices and outdoor use.

-Regular yoga mats smell after continuous use,  do JURU Yoga mats smell?

No, you do not have to worry about breathing in toxic air anymore. JURU Cork mats remain odorless.

-What is the life span of JURU Cork yoga mats?

If maintained well cork mats can last for decades.
In case of damage, they can be easily repaired as well.

-What is my cork yoga mat tears?

Don’t worry …you can fix the tear permanently.

-Are all JURU Yoga mats washable?

Yes! We recommend using non-toxic detergent to ensure the surface remains as natural as possible.

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