Why wearing a mask is helpful

Why wearing a mask is helpful

2020 has been a highly unusual year, and we are rapidly adjusting to wearing a mask as a necessity to everyday life.

But are masks really helpful?

According to The Telegraph, face masks could be giving people immunity, which is a definite victory while a vaccine is being developed.


Evidence is suggesting that the amount of virus that someone is exposed to at the start of the infection, the infectious dose, could establish the severity of the illness. As referenced by The Telegraph


It’s an established fact that wearing any face covering is more effective at preventing the spread of the virus than wearing none at all. Wearing a one layer mask, has some degree of protection, and a two layer mask is marginally better. However, wearing a three layer mask, such as the ones available at CEAE, is the most effective way of filtering out virus laden droplets. 


Wearing masks can reduce the infectious dose the wearer is exposed to, and therefore, the impact of the disease. This means that the more people who wear a mask, the less severe the virus becomes, and eventually population-wide immunity should increase.


Researchers writing in the New England Journal of Medicine argue that this study needs more clinical research, but it is becoming more and more apparent that wearing masks saves lives.


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